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For the patients

  • Advice for Patients

    PATtube was created for patients and their loved ones. Users can find here information and advices which in a clear way explain the basic problems and health issues associated with both diseases that commonly occur as well as rare diseases. In PATtube you can find information about: symptoms, recognition, diagnostics, treatment possibilities, guidelines and standards of practice, rehabilitation, nursery care etc.

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  • Articles

    All materials are formed with the participation of experienced doctors, nurses, professionals in the field of public health, and those involved in health care, which guarantees a high level of knowledge and compliance with evidence-based medical knowledge (EBM, Evidence Based Medicine).

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  • Decalogue Of A Wise Minister Of Health

    Decalogue Of A Wise Minister Of Health

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  • Outlines

    Thinking about patients, who more and more often look for the information on the Internet, the WHC Foundation puts on the website outlines of the international and Polish guidelines and standards of medical performance. It is the most important information regarding the prevention, diagnostics and treatment of diseases, which should clearly and easily provide the most crucial information for patients in original guideline documentation.

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