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Partially guaranteed health benefit – methodology

The part of the Ranking which is focused on services partly financed from public funds contains a summary of reported and collected services, which are included in the guaranteed health services package but which require some co-payment. This applies to both medical devices and medicinal products.

Each card contains the indication, which is a description of the health problem in which the health technology is used, as well as the service performed within its framework.

Health technologies included in the individual services are ranked in accordance with evidence-based medicine principles, based on analysed studies indicating their proven effectiveness, efficiency and safety. Furthermore, their assessment is also based on innovation or effectiveness as compared with a commonly used equivalent. Assessment in accordance with the accepted criteria affects the number of points which the service in the Ranking may obtain.

This score is therefore a measure of injustice of limiting access to services. The higher the point value, the more severe this limitation is for patients and the society as a whole. The score is the combined result of evaluation criteria adopted by WHC, which include an impact on public health and personal health, the strength of intervention, effectiveness, uncertainty of estimates and the average cost of treatment, purchase or performance of the service, which the patient must bear when treated. In each problem the amount and rules of reimbursement are indicated along with the average patient co-payment.

The area of partially reimbursed services is continuously monitored and updated with each change of the list of reimbursed pharmaceuticals and medical devices.