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Volunteers of the Watch Health Care Foundation are private persons or institutions. Everyone willing to help can volunteer to assist in the works carried out or financed by the Foundation. Volunteers mainly deal with distributing informational leaflets to patients and service providers and help in organizing events organized or co-organized by the Foundation. They can also carry out other forms of promoting the Foundation and the register, as long as they are in accordance with the law.

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Friends of the Foundation are those people who participate in the process of verifying reports (hospital and out-patient clinic personnel, doctors, nurses, employees of public administration and of service providers’ administrative bodies). If you wish to help us in verifying the authenticity of the reports and you consent to the Foundation’s employees contacting you in order to determine the actual access to benefits within the ‘guaranteed health benefit basket’, especially when it regards the institution you work in, please, fill in the enclosed form. The Foundation ensures you that no data regarding friends will be made public and that they will be used by WHC solely in order to verify the authenticity of the reports.

We wish to inform you that particularly active friends of the Foundation who help with verifying the authenticity of the reports during a longer period of time will be honored.
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Every institution or private person, who, in the Foundation’s Board opinion, significantly supports the activity of Watch Health Care and promotes its achievements can become a partner of the Foundation. If you wish to become a partner, click here.


Institutions and supporting persons

Institutions and supporting persons are all entities who supported the Foundation’s activity with financial aid or aid in kind within the last 12 months. Names of the supporting institutions will be presented solely on request.

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