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  • About Foundation

    The mission of the Watch Health Care Foundation is to provide the broadest, most complete and evidence-based information to decision-makers in the health care sector (among others The Ministry of Health, the National Health Fund) about the limitations in accessing basic health benefits;

    The mission of the Foundation is also to provide trustworthy information to patientsregarding those benefits and medical procedures to which they can expect limited access;

    Finally, the mission of the WHC Foundation is indicating health care services and medical procedures currently not included in the guaranteed health services basket to institutions which provide additional health insurances.

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  • Foundation Patron

    Professor Jacek Ruszkowski, he was the Chairman of the Scientific Board of the Watch Health Care Foundation (WHC), which was named after him.

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  • Board

    Click to see the members of the Watch Health Care Foundation Board of Directors.

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  • Cooperation

    If you want to support the Foundation, please contact us.

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