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About The Barometer

The WHC Barometer is The Watch Health Care Foundation’s project, which the aim is the monitoring of CHANGES in the access to the guaranteed health benefits. These changes are presented to the public opinion as a crucial element of the effectiveness assessment of The Health Ministry and The National Health Fund activities (as regulatory bodies) that means the assessment of health policy in Poland.

The WHC Barometer presents the information about CHANGES in waiting time for the health benefits in Poland on a few levels:

  1. Summary for all health benefits in Poland
  2. Summary for health benefits in particular medicine fields and
  3. For chosen indicator benefits in particular medicine field.

Waiting time for the appointment with specialist, diagnostic test, medical treatment or surgery are monitored in several tens of medicine fields. Presented averages are calculated on random sample of benefit providers from the whole country.

Indicator benefits chosen from guaranteed basket are monitored periodically (see: Methodology).

The number of the health benefits for which The Watch Health Care Foundation will be monitoring the access and waiting time should rise in the near future. We assume also the possibility of changes in sets of indicator benefits based on the comments from the visitors of our website:

On the website there is information about the actual and average waiting time for chosen, indicator health benefits monitored as the WHC Barometer. Information about the actual waiting time and obstacles in access to the much higher number of health benefits in Poland presented as the Register of Patients Problems can be obtained on the website: