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Decalogue Of A Wise Minister Of Health


I.            Firstly, regardless of a worldview, political opinions and party affiliation each of us will have one day health problems. Disease, pain, suffering and death are integral element of human nature. Wise minister should strive to create such conditions, in which everyone has not only equal chances of optimal solution of health problems but also not to die, no matter how.

II.            Secondly, although life and health are values, they ​​are not the only values ​​that politician should protect. They are not also the highest values. Conflict between health and death with other values is inevitable, and wise politician should be aware of necessity of compromises. Any compromise requires some sacrifice and has its limits.

III.            Thirdly, life and health are costly. Our health needs grow faster than possibilities of meeting them. Every citizen should therefore know exactly what he or she deserves from the state of the compulsory health insurance, and the extent to which he himself or herself is responsible for health.

IV.            Fourthly, remember that aims of the health care system should not be confused with means used to achieve them. The more time you spend to identify and obtain public approval for the purposes of the system, the easier you will get approval for the planned means.

V.            Fifthly, remember that the mistake in health policy has far more consequences than the mistake in individual case. Country health policy has long-term character and takes into account the well-being more than just one generation.

VI.            Sixthly, your main goal is realization of jointly negotiated and clearly defined objectives of the health system. Every decision that you make should be rational, free of emotions, short-term pressures and political interests.

VII.            Seventhly, taking this or the other decision you act usually in uncertain conditions. Ensure, therefore, that you make a decision following the scientific method and using only the help of reliable, competent and independent experts.

VIII.        Eighthly, plan some time for thinking and money for study research, feasibility analysis, planning and analyzing possible scenarios. Decisions taken ad hoc under emotional influence and political pressure have usually negative consequences.

IX.            Ninthly, remember that you act under pressure of various, sometimes powerful and influential, groups of interests. You were delegated to the role of minister of public well-being. So if you take this or any other decision because of limited nature of certain goods, public funds, always think about the cost of alternative decision.

X.            Tenthly, every politician has moral duty of competences. In this particular case reliable fulfillment of this obligation is extremely important – concerns the life, health and well-being of each of us.