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PATtube was created for patients and their loved ones. Users can find here information and advices which in a clear way explain the basic problems and health issues associated with both diseases that commonly occur as well as rare diseases. In PATtube you can find information about: symptoms, recognition, diagnostics, treatment possibilities, guidelines and standards of practice, rehabilitation, nursery care etc. There is also presented offer of The National Health Fund, as well as services that are not financed from the public financial resources. You will find out what should be partially paid, how to navigate the health system and to what rights you are entitled as a patient. PATtube was designed to present patients actual and reliable information about diseases that struck them and to give the advices about using the health benefits.

All the materials are created together with experienced physicians, nurses and professionals in the field of public health and health care-related people, which ensures a high level of knowledge and compliance with Evidence Based Medicine (EBM). PATtube is also an answer to the patients needs in comprehensive medical information, the obtainment of which is often limited or even impossible. All the materials are free of charge. We strongly encourage you to use them and to cooperate with The Watch Health Care Foundation.