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Practice guidelines are a project of the Watch Health Care Foundation (, which aim is to collect and present on the website actual, high quality, evidence-based scientific standards and guidelines in medicine (practice standards, practice guidelines, clinical practice guidelines /CPGs/, evidence-based practice guidelines).

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Rekomendacje Konsultanta Krajowego w Chirurgii Onkologicznej dotyczące czerniaka

(eng. Recommendations of the Polish National Consultant in Surgical Oncology for melanoma)

Field of medicine: surgical oncology, dermatology and venereology, oncology
Date of publication: 2014
Institution: Konsultant Krajowy w Chirurgii Onkologicznej

Biopsja węzła wartowniczego w czerniaku: wytyczne American Society of Clinical Oncology i Society of Surgical Oncology

(eng. Sentinel lymph node biopsy for melanoma: American Society of Clinical Oncology and Society of Surgical Oncology joint clinical practice guideline)

Field of medicine: oncology, surgical oncology
Date of publication: 2012
Institution: American Society of Clinical Oncology/ Society of Surgical Oncology

Zalecenia w zakresie zastosowania badań pozytonowej emisyjnej tomografii w onkologii

(eng. Recommendations for the use of positron emission tomography in oncology)

Field of medicine: oncology, surgical oncology
Date of publication: 2011
Institution: Polskie Towarzystwo Onkologiczne/Polskie Towarzystwo Chirurgii Onkologicznej/Polskie Towarzystwo Onkologii Klinicznej